Best teas for weight loss all day long

Dr. Oz covered a few interesting teas yesterday which may help with weight loss.

In the morning he suggested fermented Chinese Pu-erh Tea for a great burst of antioxidants plus many health benefits. There were even claims that this tea can shrink fat cells!

Chickweed Tea was also mentioned as a powerful diuretic.   Chickweed tea helps the body flush excess water or fat from the system, leading to regular urination and a cleansed, toned body.  It can also act as a mild laxative.  In addition, it may help increase your body’s metabolism for increased weight loss.

In the evening, Bilberry Tea was recommended.  Here are the benefits on drinking one cup a day:   It may inhibit eye and vision disorders by strengthening the walls of blood vessels in the eye and benefit the retina, help reduce inflammation, and help stabilize ligaments and tendons, help support cardiovascular health, help treat gastrointestinal problems, help ease varicose veins, and help lower blood sugar in diabetics.

Sounds good to me for just drinking tea!

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